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Central Heating Power Flush

Do we Guarantee our work?                                                                         

Yes we give a 2 year guarantee for of the Central Heating system we powerflushed. Once we have completed the power flush an inhibitor is then add to protect the radiators from continued internal corrosion, we will then  issue a certificate displaying the PH levels in your heating system to indicate it’s cleansliness to which will conform to industry standards.                                            

                                                        How Long does it take?                                                                             
To power flush the complete Central heating system, this generaly takes 3 – 8 hrs depending on the size of the system i.e. the number of radiators.

Can a power flush cause leaks?                                                                      
If the Cental heating has not been flushed and protected in time. Then there is a possibility that during a power flush the rust/sludge from a radiator etc. Can be cleaned away opening a passage for the system water to escape.This however would only occure if there was a problem already present. In the event of this happening the engineer on site will be able to isolate the problem and advise on the next step.                                                                    

Power flush up to 10 Radiators for just £299.89+vat     

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Central Heating Power Flushing can increase the      Effiecency of your Central Heating System by up to 30%

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The Central Heating Power Flush will Also help to protect your Central Heating ytem Radiators and reduce the number of boiler break downs.









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